Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello again… I wanted todo a post on my method of correcting and concealing. I get that everyone has their different way of do so, but this my way and it has helped me through the most awkward times.                                                                                                         
<<< ----As you can see there is a before and after picture. Not too bad…? I think that I can go do laundry without concealer…. but on any other day, under eye discoloration can really change the way you look and feel for the day…. With that said, lets start with moisturizing. 
I just recently began getting into eye creams…but I am loving these two--> Kiehl’s, as far as I am concerned, is just a moisturizer for the undereye.…and it does MOISTURIZE. With Olay, I do notice a difference within 2 days, especially if I use it day and night…my under eyes look brighter. Both, once on, definitely change the application of the corrector and concealer…they glide on smoother and they last longer without creasing. 
Just a side note; Olay also has a bit of a sheer tint, and small shimmer..which is great for under makeup… sometimes I skip the corrector when I slap on Olay!

Next is 
CORRECTING. My favorite, longtime love is the Bobbi Brown Corrector. I already have my back up in the fridge…A recent discovery has been “a darker concealer
….who the f**k knew?   I bought the Studio Finish in NW30, last summer by accident…I meant to get NC30…anywhooo…I never bothered to return it, but I am glad I never did. The Studio Finish Concealers are MY FAVORITE!! I have 3 different shades, that each serve a different purpose…You can even see how close in color the Bobbi Brown and Mac Concealer are…. A drugstore option is definitely, hands down Revlon Photoready Concealer. It’s such a nice, creamy concealer and opaque…I have this medium, which is a dead on match to the rest of face…the only thing that steers me away is the shimmer that it has…but they are only noticeable if someone is completely “all-up in your 

<< --For blemishes I use this bad boy…I love this, I don’t have another one I can compare it to…but it does the job covering up any redness. Maybelline has a stick form and Makeup Forever, and MAC has their version in a palette form.

Concealing is next…sometimes I skip concealing and use whatever foundation I am using at the time to conceal…that’s more for times that I really don’t feel like highlighting/contouring or it may seem inappropriate… But when I do conceal I love to use the Prolongwear in NC20, which is 2 shades lighter…I don’t think they make NC25 for Prolongwear…When I am tanner I use the Studio Finish in my winter shade, which is NC30. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is a drugstore option (I just LOVE Maybelline, favorite drugstore brand!!)…I have actually enjoyed this concealer….

The picture depicts where I place my corrector (pink) and concealer (yellow). I only place the corrector where I ONLY NEED IT. As for the concealer, I love to do the “Kardashian” method, not overly done but a subtle version of it. I love to use the Real Techniques Domed brush and my fingers to blend…. For blemishes, I apply a small amount of the green corrector after I have applied my foundation…then with a beauty blender I tap some foundation over… 
Finally….I SET IT!! I don’t have a Holy Grail powder, still searching…but I have been LOVING MAC’s Prep +Prime…All you need is a very small amount and gently tap or swipe the brush over the areas that have been concealed. This keeps everything together ALL DAY!!

And that’s really all in a nut shell…

What are your favorite ways of concealing??


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