Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Summer Essentials, that I can't Live without!!!

Whatzz going on everyone?? I just want to share my summer essential must haves and want to include a quick run through of what I carry in my make up bag in the summer….

#1 Oil Blotting Sheets
My Number one thing to always have is
Oil Blotting Sheets. I have really oily skin and in the summer, it just becomes impossible to wear make up. 
The majority of the time during the summer, the foundation simply slides off into an oily goop….So I use Oil blotting sheets to preserve the makeup on my face, for as long as I can. 
In case anyone is wondering, out of the three brands in the picture Clean & Clear comes first as my favorite and because it's a bit inexpensive ($4-6.00 for 50 sheets + you are most likely to catch it on BOGO sale) compared to Shiseido($18.00 for 100 sheets). As for Boscia, it was the worst!!! Boscia had NO lasting power, whatsoever. Made my face oilier, and the packaging sucked for a brand that gets so much praise.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My FIrst POST Ever!!!

I am definitely excited about this blogg….It's my first and I can't imagine expressing my point of views in any other way.
This is actually my second attempt to posting, my first try actually deleted my original post, which really pissed me off…..sigh
Anywaysszzzz….I want to just give you a bit of a background on me. I am Not a professional at anything. I'm just a student (trying to find my way). Any opinions that are expressed on any type of product or clothing is my honest opinion. I do not get paid for endorsing or promoting anything. Everything is bought from my own money, and my opinions are based on 'trial and error'.
I really want to blogg about everything; food, BBQ, crazy people, gossip, affordable clothing, beauty stuff, tv, movies and gum…I just want to talk about anything thats on my mind…and this is the place to do without feeling awkward…
So, my next contribution is going to be on Summer Essentials and my summer makeup bag. Since it's summer, I want to stay on that same page….
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