Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a few things this weekend…….

HI!! Just wanted todo this quick post. I ended up getting a few things this weekend via mail and a couple of things at the drugstore. I thought I'd share……..

I am definitely going to start off with my favorite thing right now. Which is my iphone "HELLO KITTY" Case. I loved my Speck case, but it had just gotten too filthy and it was time for a new one.
SO, I did a lot of web browsing and found this on Amazon!!
came in this box
back of the phone
front of the phone
Next, I got KEIHL'S OLIVE FRUIT DEEPLY REPAIRATIVE HAIR PAK. My hair is very dry, voluminous, wavey/curly and I've been looking for something that can allow me to wear my hair curly without piling on gel and mousse. I think this it…..
I have noticed a big difference. My hair is softer and moisturized.
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