Friday, March 9, 2012

In search of the Perfect Setting...

I have been searching for a while for the perfect setting powder…and I have tried a lot of powders.
The ones in the picture above are the ones previously in my collection and out of all them, the one that really works for my oily skin is the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, which was an accident buy, but ended up being such a great product. Great oil control, lasting power…just a great product for a such a great price!
The Laura Mercier Setting powder does work, but it washes me out in photos.
I love the MAC MSF Natural, I love the idea of it. It's mineralize, good for your skin, lets your skin breathe….Just something quick to throw on when I'm just doing laundry or doing some food  shopping.
Benefits Get Even Powder is actually one my first makeup products I ever purchased, and I've been loyal. I have backups of it. It really blots away any discoloration on your skin and basically helps with any oiliness. Not a great setting powder. Lasting power is very minimal and I usually apply this after blotting my face with blotting papers with a powder brush.
Then there's my MAC Blotting Powder, which I have purchased recently and it works. I actually love it, but it changes color. I guess it "oxidized" with my oils and the foundation…really weird. I actually did my research for this product, and many claimed that the powder was light (in shade), it was very sheer. One person claimed she was fair and the Medium dark worked for her……really sad about it….
My Goal Purchase is to buy Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder, which is getting a lot of love, but I'm actually trying to finish whatever I have open first before splurging on another item….or maybe not…..I can't help it!!! We'll see…..
Any suggestions?


Monday, March 5, 2012

Off the beauty topic…sort of...

My biggest obsession, besides makeup, is art and drama and the meaning behind it.
This post is not about Van Gogh or Claude Monet…it's about the best TV show in the world; The Walking Dead! Silly, I know…and how dare I compare a TV show to two great artist?
Well, it's a show that has that affect on me.

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