Friday, March 1, 2013

February Favorites, NEW buys and NO MAC!!!

Hello again,
how is the beauty world treating you??
I wanted to do another monthly favorites with a few NEW purchases. Like everyone else, I am on a buying band, but with limits of course; no MAC(rule #1)!! Not just my only rule, but I think this one rule is going to save me tons of money just because MAC seems to release all these limited edition packaging every other week. So, I decided not to fall for the hype….unless it’s something that “I do not have”. An example would be, the Rihanna collection that will be releasing soon…I already know that I am buying the “RIRI Woo” lipstick and I am hoping it’s exactly like her shade of red that she loves to wear. As far as I am concerned, she just has the Perfect RED lip all the time! I am obsessed!!

On to Favorites:

Skin 79 Intense Classic BB Balm : I have been in search of the perfect BB cream for a while and I didn’t want to buy a HIGH END brand like Dior’s version. I wanted a BB cream from the original creators…This bad boy is pretty pigmented, and all you need is very small amount for your face or you’ll look very ghostly. I only use this mixed with Burberry Fresh Glow, as a concealer/highlighter and it just gives me the perfect “no make up” look.

Tarte’s Natural Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride : I forget how much I LOVE this blush. It’s exactly what the name of the product is, a natural cheek stain. This is the only blush that I do not use any type of bronzer or contouring product.

NYX Illuminating Bronzer in Magnetic : I bought this back in November and I can’t stop reaching for it. I seriously recommend everyone to get ahold of this. I purchased mine through Amazon because I could never find it at Ulta. It’s just a really pretty peachy/corally/highlighting color. Just really beautiful!!!

Wet n Wild in 902 C : I have no idea the name of the this lipstick, but it’s the very popular Wet n Wild lipsticks that have become really famous throughout the beauty community. They are not just good quality, they are also very inexpensive lipsticks. 902C is my perfect matte shade of nude, and I have had this for over a year and I always reach for it, more than my H/E ones.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach : LOVE this. I have had this for about 2 years and I have finally hit pan. I do have a backup of it, but I do have other types of correctors that I want to use before digging in to my new BB corrector.

New Purchases:

Dior Addict in 214 Tulle : I have come to a conclusion or a realization, that I am not a fan of heavy/bold lipsticks and I do have a few that are just sitting there….so because of that, I have decided to buy only lipsticks that I will be wearing(rule # 2) and I am obsessed with the sheer lipsticks/lip butters, and this lipstick does not fall short from that description. It’s sheer, moisturizing and I can definitely put this on without needing a mirror.

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Nude : I honestly didn’t need another foundation (a rule that I need to really work on) but sometimes I don’t feel like I have found my FAVORITE BASE yet. I picked this up after reading a few beauty blogs and watching some Youtube video’s, and I don’t know what to say….yet. I am still playing around with it, and it’s my first day(today, as I am writing this) wearing it. It’s definitely my perfect shade, and it’s a bit dry and tends to emphasize on dry patches. Exfoliating and a light moisturizer is needed….but I will provide and update…

*** UPDATE 3/13/2013 : JOUER was returned. In my opinion, it was just TOO sheer. My Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer(which I’ve completely finished) has more coverage and is buildable (Jouer was neither). I get some may find Jouer Sheerness to be a GOOD thing, but I like coverage! Another con; IT’S NOT MATTE!! 
My final conclusion, I recommend this for girls with GREAT Skin and who just prefer minimal makeup on…******

L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions waterproof : I really like the Telescopic line, and I was waiting for a waterproof version to be released in the States, and as soon as one did I went straight to Target and picked it up. I do love it and I wear it with my Covergirl Lash blast fusion, but if I had to choose between the two Covergirl wins!

Favorite Picture :

My little bad boy!! I always try to take a picture of him when he has this, dry lip thing going on, but he never stands still….but I finally was able to snap a picture…doesn’t he look sad??


Please leave comments, I do welcome them…..

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HAIR TALK/Belated Valentines Gift….arrived today!! (PT 1)

*Warning: This is a long post*

I know that Valentines day has come and gone, but on that special day the MR. decided to give me an option; money or a gift (of his choosing)? I know it may not sound romantic, but I completely get it(together for 7 years and married for 2) and in my case “MONEY is (always) a Girls BEST FRIEND!!”

So, I took the cash/credit card and hit the pavement running home to order my gift….and today was the day that I got my Valentines gift.
So, what did I get?
Well, I got something that I needed as a backup. It’s definitely an item that I hold close to my heart and love immensely….my MAXIGLIDE(sounds like a dildo’s name, but it’s far from that). It’s a flat iron. Not just any flat iron, it’s the flat iron of ALL flat irons. 
It’s the ONLY flat iron that has ever straighten my hair, without having to blow it out. 

Purchased through . Came with a storage bag, a full size leave-in conditioner, full size deep conditioner, a brush(I prefer my tangle teazer). A generous sample size of shampoo and conditioner, a temporary straightener solution(which smells amazing) and a small sample of THE END serum (basically a Frizz-Eaze serum, but better).

My hair type is damage/dry, voluminous, curly/wavy, and FRIZZY. I used to go Uptown (NY) in the beginning to straighten my hair by the Dominicans, every week. That would be 2 hours in the Salon, and 25 dollars out my pocket. Considering the price, and what I have heard other girls paying to straighten their hair, 25 dollars is a bargain! Mind you, I would get a deep conditioner, rollers, and the greatest blow out….but priorities change in life and I just couldn’t make my hair appointments anymore, nor dish out the money…
Then I got the Japanese Chemical Straightener, which was a good idea at the time but the upkeep was a pain. Once your hair starts to grow out, you have your curly roots while the rest of you hair was pin straight. At times, it just didn’t feel like it was my hair.

Eventually my hair grew out enough for me to cut off the straight ends and have hair… 

After a year of just letting my hair breathe, I really wanted to get back into straightening my hair for the special occasions and during the winter months but I didn’t want to go and sit in a salon anymore….and one lazy SUNDAY morning(I still remember the day), I saw that infomercial that changed my styling needs forever. THE MAXIGLIDE!!

Before, my natural hair on a good day
on a bad frizzy kinda day


most recent picture…

Mind you, I have the original one that came out about 3-4 years ago. (This is way before the birth of the Instyler, and I still don’t understand how this tool became such a hit.)
At that time they had 2 different strength versions of the maxiglide, they had one for normal-fine textured hair and another one for kinky/unruly textured hair. I have the kinky/unruly version. My life has not been the same since….I wash my hair in my OWN bathroom, condition it with my OWN deep conditioners, and I prep my hair with my OWN styling products that only work for me and finally, I get to walk around in my undies and eat a bowl of cereal while straightening my hair….the comfort of being home, and knowing that NO one else's hair has touched MY tools. It’s a great feeling ladies, and that is what the Maxiglide has done for me. 

Fastforward 3-4 years, my bad boy isn’t looking as fresh as it did and I figured I had to get a backup, just incase if the unthinkable ever happened…and here it is, my gift….the SONICGLIDE! The newest version from the Maxius brand. 
I would have opt’d for same the flat iron as a back up, but unfortunately they have decided to discontinue it. I don’t know why, the flat iron was a miracle and nothing needed to be changed…

Anywhoo…this has dragged on long enough…I will do a comparison between the two, side by side pictures and finally my thoughts on this beauty….

Would LOVE to know your thoughts on the Maxiglide or Sonicglide….

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