Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Summer Essentials, that I can't Live without!!!

Whatzz going on everyone?? I just want to share my summer essential must haves and want to include a quick run through of what I carry in my make up bag in the summer….

#1 Oil Blotting Sheets
My Number one thing to always have is
Oil Blotting Sheets. I have really oily skin and in the summer, it just becomes impossible to wear make up. 
The majority of the time during the summer, the foundation simply slides off into an oily goop….So I use Oil blotting sheets to preserve the makeup on my face, for as long as I can. 
In case anyone is wondering, out of the three brands in the picture Clean & Clear comes first as my favorite and because it's a bit inexpensive ($4-6.00 for 50 sheets + you are most likely to catch it on BOGO sale) compared to Shiseido($18.00 for 100 sheets). As for Boscia, it was the worst!!! Boscia had NO lasting power, whatsoever. Made my face oilier, and the packaging sucked for a brand that gets so much praise.

#2 Bronzers & Blush
Blush and Bronzers is just my favorite thing in the world, a staple in my makeup collection. A definite must have. My goto bronzer is by MAC - Matte Bronzer powder and City Color bronzer (that's the one with the feather peacock design) the cheapest on I've ever really owned, I got it at Rite aid for 3.99 and it does such a beautiful job on it's own!!

#3 FoundationsnPrimers
My goto foundation this summer is my Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer.
I really enjoy this product and it's become my favorite foundation. I do set it with the LM Loose setting powder and I sometimes use it with a primer. My two favorite primers so far are Smashbox Photo Finish Light and MAC's Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone. I do notice a big difference in my skin after every use with the Smashbox; my face has become clearer and softer.  

 #4 Eyeshadow, Mascara, and Eyeliner
Love llluuuuvvvvv MAC paint pots. My favorite two are Rubenesque and the Barestudy. They do not crease and stay in place the whole day. As for an eyeliner, I use the Urban Decay 24/7 in zero and MAC's Carbon eyeshadow together to tightline. My Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach for undereye dark circles and my two favorite Mascaras; Tartes Lights, Camera, and Lashes and Maybellines Full n Soft. 

I have to say that I'm also becoming a huge fan of Benefits They're Real mascara. I got a sample with an order, and I love how my lashes look with it. It really does do what it claims on the box and website. I do think I found that one mascara for good…..




1)Oil blotting sheet
2)Deodorant-This is a must have and something I make sure I have with me. It's hot and everyone tends to perspire more than usual in the summer, so this is a good mini to have for touch-ups and it's just a dollar.
3)A Bronzer with a Retractable brush- Blotting sheets don't just blot the oil away they also remove make up, so I make sure I carry my bronzer and a retractable kabuki          (by ECOTools) for touch up's.
4)Mascara, an eyeliner and concealer- This is more for touch ups or a change in plans for the day. So, if I really don't have time to head back home and change for a couple of drinks; I quickly put some eyeliner, mascara, and cover up my nasty under eye dark circles with the corrector….and you instantly look fresh.   
5)Lipstick, Lip gloss and chapstick- I like to have a choice on what I should put on my lips. Depending on how hot it is, if it's scorching I'll gravitate towards the chapstick...
6)A roller ball scent- Another must have with the deodorant, great for touch ups when you want to just smell fresh.

SO that's really it…My next post I want to dedicate to My Skincare Routine since it's really a long one, and I really want to share some of my favorite products that work for me and might work for you…..

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