Friday, July 27, 2012


For all the OILY skin girls, who have the worst time keeping your make up from sliding off your face…..If you haven't heard Milk of MAG is the secret.
I really want to meet the person that came up with this idea and give them a hug!!
Believe me I have tried every primer out in SEPHORA, MACYS, BLOOMINGDALE, NORDSTROM, MAC…and nothing works.
I mean, for a few months I was really stand-offish about the idea of applying Milk of MAG to my face…..but I took that chance out of boredom..and it has just made me feel like a normal person for once!!!
I can wear any make up, and it will last all day without any shine…well,some shine does break through, I'm not going to lie, but it's a DEWY shine. Just a really nice added 'glisten' to my make up. Other than some shine breaking through, my make up lasts all day! No SLIPPAGE or SLIDING!! Thats really the best part, because my oily skin can be extreme…
FYI; Just to save myself from embarrassment, I have managed to simply just poor my Milk of MAG in a small spray bottle…which is something that I recommend you do. It controls the amount of MAG that you use, because you really don't want to apply too much and you'll know when you've applied too much. That's when you notice the white residue on your face, once it has dried.
I spray 3 times into a brush or cotton ball, and apply it all over my face/or oily areas, then I apply a small amount of primer over my T-zone; which happens to be Smashbox Photo Finish Light.
I apply my make up and face the world with MAG right by my side(..well, on my face to be exact).
Really recommend this, from one OILY face to another….

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