Saturday, December 22, 2012

What is the rest of the world doing?

Its a friday night in new york city, and I should be getting ready to celebrate the fact that I just graduated from Nursing school. Instead I’m home with my puppy, smoking a xxxxx . Wondering my next steps in life, AND sorting through my make up…I sure know how to party!
With that said, I have 'New Years Eve' on the brain….It’s that time of the year, where you really pull out all the stops to simply look good entering the new year. Can’t wait, really I can’t wait!!
I have my outfit, it’s cute and comfortable. I’m wearing flats! I’m not planning to be that girl, that can’t walk after an hour of standing in 4in heals. I was thinking Wedges, but I already picture myself falling, because I’m a huge klutz. SO, I chose flats: FOOL-PROOF! A flowy top, with a pair of jeans…haven’t decided about my purse, I really don’t care about purses. They can be an inconvenience, they become heavy after a while of just holding it. I go very small when I go out, I never really retouch my make up, so I don’t bring any. Just blot papers, a lip gloss with my ID, 2 band aids(just incase I get blisters on my toes from all the dancing)..I do know that I want to feel great and I want my makeup to be flawless. That’s why, I’m sorting through my makeup. I have an idea of how I want  the eyelook to be, I’m bit lost about the lips? I did Mac’s Girl About Town, last New Years. So here is what I have in mind;  Ruby Woo, So Chaud, Rebel, Prince Noir, OR (keeping it really simple) Dior nude lip blush in Trompe L’Oeil 123-which I have fallen deeply in love with…..I’m baffled! I can’t believe this is my biggest dilemma…And EYELASHES! I haven’t worn eyelashes in a very very long time, I was such a fan of eyelashes a few years ago and since I started school I haven’t had lashes on. So, I want to go BIG. I’m thinking Kardashian style! I’m just stuck between Mac’s #7 lashes and Ardells Double Up #206, the Ardells seem to be more of a favorite because it’s more' fluttery’, but I've had the #7’s for a while and I just want to get rid of them ….decisions, decisions…
SO...I’m just here, just sorting through my makeup and all of a sudden I was wondering what the rest of the world was doing on a friday night, that is suppose to be the last day on earth??


  1. Hello love, I found your blog link on LC's website and decided to visit.

    hope you can visit mine and follow back :))))))

    btw, CONGRATULATIONS! on your graduation

    Thanks, xoxo

    1. Hi…thanks for visiting and I will definitely pay a visit!! Thanks!!


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