Thursday, March 28, 2013

A First Time LUSH !?!

I was having one of the most horrible days of my life and I knew I needed a quick pick me up. A trip to the liquor store wasn’t a top choice but it was an option, until I saw another way of being a LUSH(haha)... A LUSH store happened to be in my presence and I knew it was time to fulfill my curiosity for the brand, as well as that pick me up that I truly needed!!!
With the help of a really nice Sales Associate, she helped me pick out two bath items, that I was originally apprehensive about trying, but she did a demonstration. The best demonstration I have ever seen, because of the beautiful end-result.

So here it is my first LUSH products….

My main reason to ever try anything from LUSH would be to try any of their bath care products, and their has been two specific ones that I was dying to get ahold of. 
I thought I stick this little FYI in here, just because I thought it was a cute thing that the company does, as well as show appreciation towards their employees and I LOVE that! A lot of franchise companies tend to not care about their workers, but LUSH (I hope)…well,  every single item comes with a detail sticker letting us know who was the hardworking citizen that made the product or put the product together. Go LUSH!!

Moving on to my new buys…..

First up, Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie. I was initially turned off by the smell, because I am not a Rose/flowery scent girl, but once again, it was the demonstration that sucked me in. The nice SA massaged my hand with Turkish Delight, and rinsed my hand with really warm water….and there it was the SOFTEST and BEST SMELLING HANDS I HAVE EVER HAD. I am not even kidding you about how soft my hands became….I concluded that my body did need this. As for the smell, it was just the perfect ROSE/FRESHLY out of the Shower Soapy smell, and it lasted all day. I just kept on sniffing my hand the whole day, that is how miraculous it smells….. 

The next one I got was RO’s ARGAN Skin Conditioner; this actually is the same thing as the Turkish Delight besides the different scent. Both do the same thing , but look very different. Ro’s Argan is more of deep moisturizer for the body, and it smells like Roses, mixed with almond oils….The SA told me, she loves to shave with this one…duly noted.

As you can see Ro’s has more of a nice creamy oil consistency, oppose to Turkish which look like a “smoothie”, hence the name….I guess….

Both have similar instructions of usage; once you shower, you should be able to step away or out of the shower. Then you scoop some with your hand and massage your whole body with either/or….then step back into the shower and rinse with (I prefer) really warm(sometimes HOT) water. It’s just a crazy transformation, my skin feels soooo GOOD!! Even my clothes feel different on….That’s how good this stuff is!!!

For me, this is such a great investment and totally worth the price. Each container, was about 30 dollars and change, I just know that my bill was 73 dollars once everything was said and done.
It has definitely eliminated the need to moisturize right after a shower, which I have a hard time doing….completely lazy!

Thank YOU LUSH for Converting me!! I can’t imagine it ever getting any better than this!!!!


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