Friday, March 22, 2013

Hair Talk Pt 2/Review : The Sonicglide

I have been really wanting to write this since I received my Sonicglide, but I really want to test this bad boy out before writing my final thoughts. 

Top : Maxiglide    Bottom: Sonicglide
For a FULL description and where I purchased, please click SONICGLIDE

As you can see from the above photo, there’s an obvious difference in size. It was made to be lighter and slimmer for convienence. A brand new feature is the “vibration”, which has an on/off button, and this is suppose to help speed up the process of straightening. 
on/off button within
 the flat iron

I was completely sold when I first saw the infomercial for the Maxiglide and this is way before the Instyler. It was the fact that it straightened really kinky hair, and I knew that was the flat iron I needed for my hair. My hair type is dry, voluminous , frizzy, and curly/waves. As I have gotten older my curls have become more like waves, my hair has gotten dryer and frizzier. I would spend 2-3 hours in a Dominican hair salon every friday getting my hair done, mind you I had to go Up Town(a.k.a. The Bronx or Harlem, for non-New Yorkers) that trip can turn into a 30-45 minute commute. Basically 4 hours of my day, flushed away…  The Maxiglide has cut that time to 1 whopping hour and has given me the comfort of getting my hair done at  home.  

Another feature are the tiny hair pins, which both flat irons have. They help detangle, as they straighten. I don’t rely on the hair pins to solely detangle my hair, I alway finger comb my hair before washing and styling. I find it to be much more healthier than using a brush. 
Another feature is the “steam”. Both flat irons have a steam system that allow steam to pump through the glides which helps eliminate heat damage  as opposed to using a constant heat on ones hair. 

So, here are the before and after…. 


As you can the see, the proof is in the pudding. Without a doubt, I knew the Sonicglide would not disappoint. The only thing that I noticed was different between the Maxi and Sonic was the amount of time it took for me todo my hair. I feel like they decreased the heat, and I am not too keen about the vibrating feature. It’s weird, it does straighten faster with the vibration, but not as fast due to the lack of heat. I think I am going to simply store my maxiglide away and use the sonic for now, I rather preserve my original diamond, just incase the sonicglide flops in the near future. As a fan and customer of Maxius, I would have preferred different colors, than the new features….but I am not that disappointed that I would return it.

And yes, I would recommend this to my curly hair girls. You will not be disappointed. It already sold out, and I believe they have restocked on 

**Just to be clear, I purchased this with my own money. I am not at all getting paid to endorse this flat iron. It’s just one my favorite tools, that has been underrated and should be recognized as the Greatest Hair Straightener!**

That is it on this lonely friday, if there are any maxi/sonic-glide users I would LOVE to hear what you think of either/or and the new feature and design….

Happy Weekend World!!


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