Friday, January 27, 2012

Naturally, it's MAC!

I'm really kicking myself in the rear for this one. I am a very neutral person, when it comes to make up and this collection had some really beautiful, natural colors. Unfortunately, I got to MAC at last minute and almost everything was sold out from this line.
I was able to pick up two items, that I wanted and usually when big collections like this come out I set a limit and rules.
1) I make sure that I do not have the same color, in any other brand.
2) I weigh out the odds of me really using the item on a regular basis.
3) I check out other peoples reviews and swatches.
4) I make sure that company has a great return policy, just incase…

Any who….so back to my two items that I bought. The first item was Mineral Skin Finish Blush in Fresh Honey. I've been really wanting a nice peach blush and I was contemplating in getting Nars Gilda or Gina, which are both two beautiful colors…but I don't want to buy a bunch of peach-orange blushes which I might not really use…so, I was happy that this was available and picked it up. I would describe it to be a warm-peachy color. If you just tap your brush onto the dome, that's enough product…for me at least, because I feel like it leans more towards orang-ie if you use too much and can make you look swollen (if that makes any sense)….I lightly apply it and blend it together with a matte bronzer like Benefits Hoola or MAC's Harmony.

Heavy Swatch
Blended out

The next item that I got was an eyeshadow, Twilight Falls. A really nice chocolate brown, shimmery color. I like it, but I think it's too shimmery for me…I think it's too much shimmer for such a nice color…..but I plan to keep it, because it's brown and I know I'll be able to make it work….

L-R: Dry, Wet with flash
L-R: Dry, Wet HD without flash


…..Can't wait for the next collection, which is FEBRUARY 9th online!!


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