Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Swapping….

New York is already gearing up for the spring. All major store windows have made the transition, already….I think the weird part is that we haven't had a major snow storm, which is kind of scary…...maybe I'm speaking too soon….

Anyhoooo…..Been really busy with school, shopping and swapping. I never thought that swapping would become such an addiction. It's somewhat of a sport, with plenty of risks because you never know if the person you are swapping with is really going to send you your end of the deal a.k.a."SWAP LIFT". Another risk is that you might get the item, but not in the condition that it's described as being in…Other than that, it's fun and I have really met some nice girls and have made successful swaps…
So here are a few things that I received in a swap:
*Makeup Forever HD Creme Blush #7 One To Many (Toned down peach)
The item was originally listed as #14 Star Struck (pale peach), but I guess the swapper didn't realize that, but I'm not upset because I actually love how this applies and looks.
*Skin 79 Super BB Cream VIP Gold Collection 
I have been wanting to try a BB cream for a while, but I have heard so many breakout stories. I did some research and Skin79 is actually a pretty popular brand…I'll definitely do an update on this…
*Nars Mata Hari
I Love Blush and I LOVE that Nars makes the best blushes. I've been wanting this one for a while..just a really nice toned down, rose-pink color
*MAC In Synch lipliner
This is my first MAC lipliner(I usually buy NYX)…I normally wouldn't swap for lip products, but it's new and I made sure as soon as I got it I wiped it down with alcohol and sharpened it. I'm definitely loving the color, a very pale neon pink…

That's really it…If you want to swap, you can also find me on the Makeup Alley site as Lolanozz << you can definitely hit the link and it will take you to my list on MUA…..


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