Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Best SWAP, ever!!

I have had unbelievably the best of luck in swapping this past week, and I really have to thank the girls for giving me the opportunity to swap with them!! These are just items that I have really wanted for a while and just couldn't afford.
I understand, some people might feel weird about using someone else's used makeup, but it's cheaper than buying the product and chucking it to the side and forgetting about it. Besides, you have to set rules for yourself. I personally don't swap for mascara, that's where I draw the line, I always ask for pictures and a full description(amount, amount left)of the items before I finalize the swap.
The best thing about swapping, is that you get rid of all that extra makeup that's laying around(that has been forgotten or just too many back ups) and you exchange it for something you should have bought rather than impulsive buys.
....This is just a really quick run through of the stuff that I've received….

  • Chanel's Vitalumière Aqua BA30 - I'm such a foundation junkie. *Don't Judge*….I have about 10 bottles of foundation in rotation as of right now!! I have had my eye on this foundation FOREVER, but I just didn't want to dish out the money. Finally, the opportunity was given to me to swap and I couldn't resist! Mind you, I wasn't sure this was my shade and to my surprise it was the right shade!! I will definitely do an update on this bad boy…but as of now, I'm just loving it on my skin and the smell, it's so so sweet!!*inlove*
  • Sigma's F80 and F82 - Two brushes that have been praised all throughout Youtube. Well, one more than the other…F80 has been described as the "ultimate foundation brush" and I was lucky to get my hands on it!! Used it with 3 different foundations and it does live up to the hype!! The F82 is an angle F80 version. I wanted this brush for my Chanel cream bronzer and cream blushes and I'm loving it!!
  • MAC's 187 and 182 brush - MAC brushes have a huge reputation for being the best of the best, when it comes to brushes and I believe that! I do have a few of their brushes and they have stand the test of time…they only sad thing about them is that they cost a pretty penny. The 182 has been on my wish list, as well as the 187 for a while….and finally I was able to get them! As crazy as it may sound, I'm just really happy to just have them as part of my collection!!
Would love to hear great swap stories…please let me know below…
"I Killed it"

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