Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prime time…my small collection & fav of the bunch

I am not too crazy about having to prep my skin every single time before applying my foundation, but it’s the only way my makeup will last on my VERY VERY OILY skin. 
So, what is a primer and does one need a primer? It’s definitely a question that I am still trying to figure out….I guess it just depends on ones skin….

The dictionary definition of a primer is a substance used as a preparatory coat on previously unpainted wood, metal, or canvas, esp. to prevent the absorption of subsequent layers of paint or the development of rust. In beauty language; a substance used as preparatory coat on a clean face/area to help prevent rust a.k.a. foundation meltdown!!!

I don’t have a massive collection of primers, but these are the ones that I have tried and still not completely convinced that they are doing what they claim they should be doing….but I do have 2 favorites, and I combine them to achieve the flawless, long-wearing look. 

So lets begin with an oldie, Smashbox PhotoFinish Light. This primer has been in my life from the beginning of my beauty life. This is my third bottle, I first purchased it when it was still available in a pump form(really wish they hadn’t change the packaging). I do love this primer, because I always go back to it, but there’s a very thin line between love and hate. What I do love about this primer is that clears any redness on my skin, for some reason my face is just way redder and pinker oppose to the rest of my body that’s more yellow tone….it really tones down my redness, creating that blank canvas. What I do not like about this primer, just with anything else when used too much it doesn’t work the same all the time. I have purposely ventured out to other primers just to give my smashbox a break from my skin. 

Next is my favorite, Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. It is a key primer during the colder months when the skin tends to become a bit more dryer. This helps prevent any evil dry patches from popping up when wearing a foundation. I use this in conjunction with my milk of magnesia (read more on milk of mag) which gives my the ultimate flawless face, my go-to combo for special events and nights out.  

The next one up is Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. I bought this after reading soooo many good things about it. It’s NICE. That’s all I can really say. My foundation does last longer but I always notice a white cast peeking through my foundation….don’t know why, maybe because of the SPF that it contains? Unsure about why that happens, but it happens…

Benefit THE Porefessional is my next one, a very popular one and I needed to try it out. I picked this sample up during a Sephora run and I was immediately convinced about the hype. I don’t really use it all over my face, I tend to pat it on the areas where my pores are a bit bigger than normal. I also never use this alone, I always use it on top of another primer. 

Finally, MONISTAT’s Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. I bought this after reading how great of a primer it is, how it has the same ingredients as Smashbox Photofinish primer and how it’s half the price….that’s enough to get me going crazy! I knew I had to have it, if the claims were true!
UUuummmm….total fail! This did nothing, my makeup started melting off within one hour….

So that’s really it, when it comes down to it I prefer not to wear primer. It just feels like layers and layers on my skin, but unfortunately I don’t have the proper skin to wear foundation without it. My routine always starts with a moisturizer mixed with a drop of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (let it sink in), Milk of Mag followed by a primer of choice(let that set in), and then my foundation…Wish it was simpler *tear*……..

SOOOO….What are your favorite primers? Please leave your comments below…


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  1. A healthy skin will give so many impacts to us, including makes us feel confident and fresh at the same time. It will also make us to become prettier than before :D


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